Core Values

Our Core Values are the words that we live by at CUC. It is what we strive for everyday.


  • Recognize, understand and eliminate risks at all times
  • Make safety a habit at home and at work
  • Be your brother’s keeper
  • Protect the safety of the public
  • Maintain an attitude of safety
  • No unsafe behaviors
  • Learn to make the work safer
  • Choose to care


  • Tell the truth
  • Honesty in all your dealings
  • Treat all people with respect
  • Do the right thing – When no one is looking
  • Be trustworthy
  • Say what you do – do what you say


  • Workmanship of the finished product and service
  • The attitude towards delivering a great product
  • Attention to detail in all aspects of the work
  • In our business processes – work smarter – more efficiently
  • Tools and equipment needed for our work
  • People – living and working by their values
  • Personal growth and development – continuous improvement
  • Know and conform to requirements


  • Serve clients, coworkers, family, and community
  • Be a good steward
  • Provide the best value for everyone
  • Look out for and represent our customers’ best interests
  • Develop and deliver smart solutions for customers and employees
  • Take care of our communities and environment
  • Partner with customers
  • Help others succeed


  • Take responsibility for what needs to get done
  • Work with a sense of ownership
  • No excuses or blaming others
  • Be committed to results, our team, customers, and success
  • Follow-through to completion
  • Be tenacious – be patient
  • Define and stay focused on your goals
  • Be accountable to yourself and your team


  • Work together
  • A unit with common purpose
  • Goal oriented (teams don’t exist without an objective)
  • Coaching & development of talent
  • Collaborating and cooperating
  • Pride in our Identity
  • Family – “We” (not “me” or “They”)
  • Celebrate success


  • Plan your work – work your plan
  • Don’t over-think
  • Look for the obvious
  • Ask questions
  • Be clear on what needs to get done
  • Simple goals
  • Avoid unnecessary complexity
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